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Michael Meraki is a Singer/Songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. Influenced by a mixture of different Rock artists like Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, Bouncing Souls, Operation Ivy, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Rancid,  and more. 

Michael started playing music early on in his life starting with drums. In High school he decided to explore his love for Punk Rock by starting a band with good friend Alex Boeckman. They went on to start Conflict Theory and Michael switched to Guitar and Lead Vocalist and had Logan Mckenzie replace him on Drums. They went on to record a demo album and play various shows for about 2 years. After the band broke up in 2010 Michael started the very early stages of what would become his first solo album. Then in June of 2017 his first solo album "Comfort Zones" was released. 

Michael is currently working on his second album which he plans to release before the end of 2018



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1000 Likes on Facebook!

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