1000 Likes on Facebook!

My goal for the end of the year in terms of social media was to make it to 1000 likes on Facebook. Thanks to all of you I have surpassed that goal and there is still 2 months left to go of the year. I've spent a bit of money on Facebook advertising but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. To celebrate reaching my goal I am going to put up the album for free download for all who sign up for my email list but only for a limited amount of time. I'm thinking either till the end of October or until November 12th (one full month) Hopefully that will build up my email list quite a bit and also a lot more people will get to enjoy my music. What I plan to do next in terms of Facebook goals, is ask all of my fans to invite some of their friends to like my page. so if say everyone gets 1 person to like it, I could be up to 2000 likes. if everyone gets 5, I could be up to 6000. And say everyone gets 10 people to like it, 10,000.... Now I'm sure not all of my 1000 fans are going to do this, and out of the people who are invited there are no guarantees that they will like the page. So the more people each fan invites, the better. Social media can be quite ridiculous and we shouldn’t be obsessed by the numbers and how many friends or likes we have. But for now this is the medium that seems to be the best to get my music out to as many people as possible. Thank you all again so much for getting me this far. I am still working on my next album, still working on the music and coming up with guitar riffs and what not. Stay tuned for more to come! 


Michael (Treading Paper)