Hired some marketers

So I hired two different companies to help me with this whole thing. One will be helping me run my social media accounts and hopefully get people more engaged and more interested in me and my music. The next is going to do a PR campaign and try to spread my music to as many different people as possible by getting me featured in blogs, podcasts, interviews, playlists, etc. Both should be starting the beginning of 2018. In the mean time I have taken it upon myself to invite as many people as possible to download my latest album while I still have it Free. I plan to put a price on it after I have reached out to all the people I wanted to reach out to. Then  I think I plan on taking a break from Facebook and try working on some other social media sites like twitter and instagram. I'm still writing material for my new album and have a good list of songs I am working on. Once I have them all complete I plan to narrow it down to around 12 and then get started mixing and mastering.