New songs, Interviews/features, NPR Tiny Desk, Vero, and more

Hey everyone, So I'm trying a new thing where my blog gets sent to you every time I update it. Hopefully it looks good for everyone, if you have any suggestions feel free to email me.

New Music

So whats new with Treading Paper? a ton. First off I've been working on new songs and am almost ready to start recording everything. The songs are really coming along and I think you all are going to enjoy them I hope. Today I posted a short video of some song previews on the Treading Paper facebook and instagram pages, be sure to check those out. 



I've been continuing to work with City Bird Publicity and as of now they have gotten me 5 different Interview/features. If you would like to you can view them here:

and then one for Paste Magazine and one for Exposed vocals Blog I'm still waiting to post. 

City Bird Publicity is also currently scouting out labels for me and trying to get the attention of my top 10 favorite record labels. No word yet on if she has gotten any word back yet.


NPR Tiny Desk

They also turned me onto NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. In this contest you record a video of yourself playing an original song in front of a desk. The winner goes on to perform at the NPR Tiny Desk Concert in Washington D.C. If you have never heard of NPR's Tiny Desk concerts I recommend looking them up on youtube. It's a very unique experience and many big names have performed for them including, Peter Frampton, Adele, The Roots, Common, T-Pain, etc. It would be an awesome chance to gain more fans.


New Social Media?

Last but not least I wanted to touch on the new social media platform called Vero. I have not yet signed up for it but it looks to be the next top thing. Which brings me back to why being a part of my email list is so important if you wish to keep up to date with all the Treading Paper news. Social media is constantly changing, anybody remember xanga? how about Myspace? It could very well be that in the future Facebook will no longer be popular or exist. but through all the social media changes, you always need an email to sign up for one of these Social Media platforms. Email will always be relevant. So thank you all again for signing up to this newsletter. We are up to 205 subscribers! 1323 likes on facebook, 406 followers on instagram, and 289 followers on twitter! Thank you all so very much for your support. I couldn't do this without you

Much Love,

Michael (Treading Paper)