Trying something new

So even though I am past 1000 likes on Facebook I still find myself paying a lot of money for Facebook ads because I have hardly any reach with my posts and little engagement. I've tried doing so many things to reach out to my fans but Facebook pretty much blocks you from doing anything you might want to do. So I made a group for Treading Paper and I'm trying to get all of my Facebook fans to join the group. In a group, every time I post something, everyone in the group should get a notification (that is as long as they leave notifications on) So hopefully this way I will be able to communicate with my fans and make sure they see what I post. I'm also still trying to get my fans to join my email list so that If something ever happens to Facebook, I can still contact them. This is such a long drawn out process but hopefully it will be worth it. and hopefully I can start spending a lot less on stupid ads.